Bed Bugs are a problem no homeowner wants to deal with! Unfortunately, nearly 20% of Americans have had to deal with this pest whether in their own home, a business, or in a hotel. This is not a pest you want to try and control on your own. Often, attempts by the homeowner to treat an existing Bed bug infestation are unsuccessful and extremely frustrating as well as expensive and time consuming. In addition, it is usually such a long process that during this time the problem only increases and is also spread to friends, family and neighbors.

The most efficient and effective way to deal with a Bed Bug infestation is to call a professional! Bill’s Home Service has the expertise and training to handle your bed bug problem.

Our professional Bed Bug service will start with a thorough inspection in order to identify the infestation and the areas which will need to be treated. Then a detailed treatment plan and schedule will be built to solve the problem safely and efficiently. Bill’s will also implement an ongoing monitoring plan to ensure the current infestation is controlled and early detection of any future recurrences. We use only the most effective and up-to-date equipment, products and techniques which give us the upper hand in eliminating pest problems.

Bed Bug Specifics

Bed Bugs are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. The optimum temperature for them is very close to the temperature of the human body, making us the ideal host. A room that is heavily infested will have slight obnoxious sweet odor. Bed Bugs also leave behind signs that can be easily identified by the trained eye such as small blood stains from the bites and small droppings containing blood that may be colored brown, yellow or black. Adults can survive for a long time, up to a year in an empty home, awaiting their next blood meal. If there are no humans available for a blood meal, they have been known to take a meal from birds and rodents.

Bed Bug Life Cycle

The bugs are small, usually around 1/6 of an inch to 1/4 of an inch in size. They are reddish – brown in color and as they feed they become more of a red color. They have small claws that are used to attach themselves to the host. Adults will feed off of the host for about 10 – 15 minutes before becoming engorged. Most people will not feel the bite until after, when the painful itching and inflammation of the bite location are noticed. A bite alone is not an indication of a Bed Bug infestation. Call Bill’s for an inspection to determine whether there is an infestation from Bed bugs.