In most cases, birds are not a nuisance at all, but when their numbers grow large and they begin to nest and roost where we live and work they can be a problem. Birds, their droppings, and their nesting materials can cause serious health risks to humans. It is very inconvenient and costly to clean up the mess they leave behind and repair the damage that is associated with their droppings. It’s in these situations that they become a pests. Bill’s uses a variety of professional products, techniques and applications to deter and exclude these pests in a humane manner so they will no longer be a nuisance or a health concern.


Although they provide a natural pest control service, bats can cause damage to your home and leave their droppings on walls and patios. In some cases, bats can carry and transmit diseases making it necessary to avoid contact with them. Arizona is home to about 28 different species of bats, all of which are protected. Therefore, they cannot be collected or killed and it is unlawful to use pesticides or chemicals directly on bats. However, it is possible and legal to perform exclusion work to take away their harborage and food sources in and around your home. State law dictates that exclusion work should be performed during non-maternity seasons (October through April) to avoid separating mothers from their young. During this time Bill’s offers a variety of professional exclusion techniques to prevent bats in and around your home in the future.