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5 Bed Bug Myths

Bed Bug Myths

The bed bug is a small insect that is often hard to see with the naked eye. While it's a fact that they commonly live on mattresses and box springs, there are a few myths about bed bugs that people often listen to and believe without finding out the truth about them. Any kind of infestation by the bugs should be dealt with as soon as possible.

1. Flying Away

There are many insects that can fly, but bed bugs are not among them. They don't have wings. When they are crawling, they travel close to a meter in about a minute.

2. Lots Of Babies

One myth is that bed bugs tend to reproduce on a regular basis. This is not true. They are one of the slowest insects to reproduce, each female laying only one egg a day. This egg takes about 10 days to hatch. If bed bugs are exterminated quickly, then you can usually stop the reproduction process.

3. Biting

You've probably heard that bed bugs bite at night and that they are more active at night. While this is true to an extent, bed bugs can come out at any time during the day. They can get into the crevices of the couch and chairs as well as mattresses and box springs. When the little bugs get hungry, they will find food, even if it's in the middle of the day.

4. Unclean Environments

When you think about bed bugs, you might think that they only live in places that are dirty and that have a lot of trash. Bed bugs can thrive in these environments, but as long as there is some kind of food source, they can live anywhere. A common place where you might find bed bugs is a hotel room. Hotel rooms are often cleaned on a daily basis, but all of the different people who stay in them can help to keep the bugs traveling from one location to another and from one clean location to another.

5. Diseases

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs usually don't spread diseases like mosquitoes and other insects. They can carry bacteria and viruses, but they usually don't transmit them to people.

If you think that there are bed bugs in your home, contact Bill's Home Service to exterminate them. Several treatments might be needed to prevent them from coming back in the future, especially if there are eggs that have been laid.

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