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How to Control Weeds in Desert Areas

The lack of moisture and rich, nourishing soil in a desert environment makes it difficult to maintain a grass yard. As a result, many homeowners install xeriscaping, or desert landscaping, to avoid some of the challenges that traditional lawns face. This landscaping design is less expensive and easier to maintain because it requires little water and no mowing. Even though it features hardy plants that require less water and are more appropriate for a desert climate, weeds can still be prevalent in your yard. Seeds can lie dormant for an extended period until climatic conditions are right for the weeds to take root and sprout. Because the soil is often conducive for weeds, many species can grow throughout the year.

Weed Control Measures

Like a traditional grass lawn, desert landscaping requires a year-round weed control program. Here are a few ways that homeowners keep their looking great.

Some homeowners remove weeds manually. This method is typically time consuming and ineffective. Make sure that you remove all the roots to prevent the weeds from growing. Use sufficient precautions to avoid spreading the seeds to other areas of your landscaping. It is also important to wear gloves to protect your hands as some weeds have thorns or strong stems.

Pre-emergent weed control is a type of herbicide treatment that kills weeds before they grow. This treatment is designed to prevent weeds from germinating in the soil. It typically requires a broadcast liquid application to ensure sufficient coverage. Care has to be taken when using a consumer herbicide treatment to ensure that it is safe for other plants and does not stain rocks or other hardscape materials in your yard. The treatment may require up to a half-inch of water to penetrate hard-packed soil.

Post-emergent weed control treatments are applied after the plants begin to show. Caution should also be taken when applying these strong herbicides to ensure that you do not endanger the desirable landscaping like trees, plants and shrubs. The treatment may need to be reapplied until all the weeds have been eradicated.

It is important to know which types of weeds are present. While some are best treated with a pre-emergent herbicide, others require post-emergent treatments for the best results. You must also determine the correct formula and amount to apply. Applying the incorrect amount or type of herbicide at the wrong time will not eradicate the weeds. Using an inappropriate formula may damage other plants in your yard. For the best result, you should use the services of a trained weed control company that is familiar with the native plants and weeds prevalent in the area. Their knowledge and experience ensures that the crew uses the right balance of the correct weed control agents that will not harm your other plants, family members or pets.

Hire a Professional

Desert landscaping featuring hardy plants can be visually appealing and require little maintenance. Eliminating weeds still requires proper care and attention. If you need assistance maintaining the look of your yard, contact Bill’s Home Service Company for a no-obligation quote. Our knowledgeable specialists can significantly reduce the weeds in your yard year-round with a program designed to eliminate existing weeds and prevent new ones from sprouting.

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