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How to Keep Pests Out of Attics and Crawl Spaces

As we head toward cooler weather, there are many reasons to get your home ready for the winter months ahead. One reason is that pests are going to want to get in out of the cold any way they can. This is a great time of year to protect your home against these intruders before they get too hard to control. Attics and crawl spaces are especially attractive for pests. There is no foot traffic, and they can be pretty easy to get into. They want to stay warm just like we do, so they find a way to get in to seek refuge for the upcoming winter. Take steps now to make sure that they don't get into your home.

Inspect Your Home During the Day

The first thing that you should do is thoroughly inspect your home during the day. Keep a list of anything you find that needs to be repaired. Begin by walking around the outside of your home. Look for gaps in the foundation and around any cables or pipes that lead into your home. Also, make sure to check your door and window frames. Fill any areas that present gaps to keep the pests out.

Understand That Even a Hole the Size of a Dime Can Be a Problem

There is pretty much no hole too small. Mice are able to squeeze their heads through an opening that is just the size of a dime. Any gaps that you find are open invitations for mice to come in through those holes.

Inspect Your Yard

After you've fully inspected the outside of the house, take a look at your yard. If you have any trees or bushes that rest against the house, it's time to trim them. These trees and bushes allow insects and rodents to climb on top of your home and find openings in your roof.

Examine Your Roof

The next place you should look at, if you're comfortable, is your roof. Check for any gaps and get them fixed. If you have a chimney, be sure the chimney cap is secure.

Examine the Inside of Your Home

The next thing to do is examine the inside. Check your door and window frames for gaps. You'll want to repair these both to keep out pests and to keep in heat during the winter. Also, look in the attic for any signs of pests or openings as well.

Preparing your home for winter is an important step to keep unwanted winter visitors out. Contact Bill’s Home Service today for help keeping your home pest-free this winter.

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