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In What Climate Do Termites Live?

While some homeowners fear termites and the problems they cause, others prefer to look the other way and hope that a termite infestation would never happen to them. Knowing about termites and what they can do to your property is vital if you don't want to find yourself in a bad situation. Inability to detect and identify termites only gives the invaders even more time to cause harm, and you don't want to make that mistake. In addition to knowing the common warning signs, you must also understand the climate in which termites thrive.

The Perfect Climate

If termites got to choose their climate, they would pick areas that are dark, warm and moist. These pests are the most active during the hot months of summer, but they don't disappear in the winter. Even though they are less active than they are in the summer, termites are still a threat you can't ignore. As far as experts can tell, Alaska is the only state that does not show signs of termite activity. The harsh winter months will kill most colonies before summer. If you live in any other state and want to protect your property, taking steps to spot and eliminate termites is vital.

Protecting Yourself

The good news is that you can do a few things to keep termites and the problems they cause at bay. Go to your bathroom and kitchen to repair leaky pipes so that the moisture won't attract them into your home. Termites can get inside when you bring infested wood into your home, so you can't afford to take unneeded risks. You can even cut the shrubs near your home and remove old stumps to make your home a little less inviting. If you have firewood and store it outside, placing it on a surface at least 6 inches from the ground and as far away from your house will reduce the odds of a termite problem.

Red Flags of a Termite Infestation

You will often spot shelter tubes in your on your home's foundation if termites are in your walls and floor. You can also search for wood shavings and small piles of dirt that termites leave behind when they burrow into your home, which helps you spot them in the early stages.

Getting Help

Although you can do many things to reduce the odds of a termite infestation, you can never eliminate the threat. Bill's Home Service specializes in locating, identifying and treating termites, and we always give our customers peace of mind. If you want a team of experts on which you can depend, contact us a call right away.

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