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Three Arizona Pests That Are Bad for Business

When you run or manage a business and want to succeed over the long run, your reputation is one of the most important factors. You will lose customers if the people who come to you discover pests on your property, and you must find a way to protect yourself from the threat.

All pests can cause problems for business owners, but some invaders are worse than others. Learning about the most harmful pests that you can encounter will give you an idea of how you should move forward. Eliminating these pests the moment you notice the red flags will protect your reputation and show your customers that you care about their well-being.


Having bedbugs in your business is one of the fastest ways to turn your customers away. If the bedbugs get in people’s clothes or bags while they are on your property, the pests will follow them home and are next to impossible to manage. In most cases, bedbugs hide during the day and come out at night to locate a host, and their bites can cause redness and skin irritation. If someone spots a bedbug and posts about the encounter online, you will lose a lot of money because people will avoid your business.


Since rodents can create a fire hazard and spread harmful pathogens, having them on your property could cause the health department to issue fines or shut you down. You don’t want to fall into that trap if you care about your bottom line. One small crack or hole is all that it takes for mice, rats and other rodents to get inside your building and cause damage, and you might not notice the warning signs until the infestation gets out of hand.


Learning to spot a termite infestation before it gets out of control is a smart move when your mission is to safeguard the reputation of your business. Termites that get inside your building will consume wooden walls, support beams and floors.

You could face expensive repair bills if you don't notice the problem in time, and your customers won't want to come back if they see signs of termite damage. Although buckling walls and floors can let you know about the threat, the signs of a termite infestation won't always be visible in the early stages.

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