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When is it Time to Call Professional Pest Control?

Bill's Home Service Termite & Pest Control, serving the southern region of Arizona, understands that you might be unsure of when you need professional help. We’ve been in operation since 1964 and have developed an understanding of how Arizona’s unique climate impacts the type of pests that you encounter. With 50 plus years in the pest control business, Bill’s knows exactly how to tackle these tricky pests for you.

The hot, arid climate combined with the rainy seasons can contribute greatly to an infestation that can escalate rapidly.

Infestation Situations

  • During a home purchase or sale, it may not occur to many buyers or sellers, but having your home professionally inspected either before selling or prior to purchasing is one of the best actions you can take to protect yourself. While a clear inspection might help you sell your house faster, you should never purchase a home without a clear pest inspection. If you do, you could find yourself inheriting a problem that can cost you thousands of dollars in pest control and repair.
  • Contact us if you notice the presence of bees or wasps. Africanized honey bees have been reported in the state of Arizona since 1993 and research from the University of Arizona suggests 99% of all feral honey bees in southern Arizona are Africanized. Due to the aggressive nature of these bees, you should always call for professional help in removal. Wasps, which have the capacity to deliver multiple stings, present a true fall hazard to individuals attempting to remove them as they tend to nest on high structures and roof lines.
  • If you notice signs of a bed bug infestation, give us a ring. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to treat through do it yourself measures. The best, and often cheapest method is to hire a professional service that has the correct tools to eliminate the problem.
  • Issues with fleas and ticks. Arizona is home to the Brown Dog Tick, one of the few tick varieties that is capable of living its entire life cycle in one house. The small size of this tick makes it very easy for it to live in your walls or other areas unnoticed.
  • Rodent problems. One of our most common rodent species in a pack rat. It might sound cute, especially as they’ve earned their name due to their infinity for stealing small and often shiny items for their nests, but all rodents have the possibility to transmit disease.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, contact Bill's Home Service for immediate assistance. Our team of professionally licensed, certified and courteous technicians are here to help.

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