Oro Valley, AZ Pest Control

Since 1964, our professionals have handled every type of pest problem in Oro Valley, Arizona. We've eliminated scorpions, termites, and bed bugs. The blazing sun and arid climate are ideal for common pests. Some bugs seek out moisture and food by invading local homes during the hot, dry weather. Expanding populations in the Tucson area have created new habitats for pests. With suburban housing developments spreading into the desert, many homeowners find that they're living with unexpected neighbors. If you're having problems with a particular pest or if you're battling all kinds of bugs, Bill's Home Service has the solution.

Bed Bug Extermination

Few pests have made national news for their incredible comeback like bed bugs. Their aggressive, tenacious and disgusting habits have also been publicized. With the treatments that we offer at Bill's Home Service, they have finally met their match. Our experts perform thorough inspections to detect any signs of bed bug activity in your home. Then, you'll receive a comprehensive service recommendation based on our findings. Our multi-pronged treatments are effective and fast acting. We use specially formulated products, effective treatment techniques and the latest equipment to fully eradicate bed bugs before they have a chance to bite again.

Termite Control

In Oro Valley and other parts of Arizona, termites are a major nuisance. Across the country, termites cause over $5 billion in damage each year. Our pest control experts eliminate desert subterranean termites that infest homes from the ground upwards and drywood termites that attack furniture, attics and second-story walls. We install Sentricon bait stations that eradicate all termite colonies on your property, including the queens. Self-contained bait stations pose very little risk to the environment since the material does not migrate through the soil. Our technicians also perform liquid treatments that target termites where they live, feed and breed. We use non-repellant termiticides that are more effective than conventional liquids.

Weed Control

It's nearly impossible to keep up with the weeds in Oro Valley. They invade gardens and every crack in your driveway or sidewalk. If you have an irrigation system that keeps your lawn green, you might find that you're just watering the weeds. At Bill's Home Service, we apply pre-emergent herbicides in the spring before these unwanted plants germinate and pop up in every corner of your yard. When the second flush of warm-weather weeds is in full swing, our experts apply liquid spot treatments. We focus on trouble zones while protecting your ornamental shrubs and flowers. Our secondary post-emergent weed treatments prevent undesirable plants like spurges, sedges, and thistles from setting seed and infiltrating other parts of your yard.

Do you have a problem with weeds, termites or pests at your home in Oro Valley? For more than 50 years, we have provided reliable, effective services to customers in the Tucson area. Contact Bill's Home Service Termite & Pest Control to request a free quote.