Some pests require specialized treatments outside the spectrum of general pest control. Bill’s is the best pest treatment and control company in Tucson, offering the following special pest control services to protect you and your family:

Rodent Control – Rodents invade homes looking for food, water and shelter. Our trained pest management and removal technicians in Tucson know how to spot locations around your home that are vulnerable to rodents. We’ll find their entry points, educate you on how to eliminate conditions that attract them, and control the problem through trapping and baiting.

Bee & Wasp Control – Bees and wasps can be extremely difficult and dangerous to treat. We do not recommend trying to eliminate them on your own. Flying pests are capable of avoiding barrier treatments, which makes them difficult to control. Our Tucson-based pest management and removal services do the job, keeping you and your family safe.

Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are a growing concern in Southern Arizona and should be identified and treated as soon as possible to mitigate the chances of a severe infestation. Our highly trained technicians will perform a thorough inspection and quickly identify the areas that need treatment. We then develop a detailed treatment plan built to solve the problem safely and efficiently.

Flea & Tick Control – We thoroughly inspect, identify and prepare you for what to expect from a flea or tick treatment. We work with you to coordinate to have your treatment performed at the same time as your pet is being treated by your vet to ensure effective control of the infestation.

All Special Services can be obtained for both residential & commercial clients!

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