Call Bill’s Home Service to take care of your Flea & Tick problem before it gets out of hand. Our trained and experienced technicians know exactly how to solve the problem quickly and safely. We only use high quality chemicals that are designed to be low impact on humans and animals as well as the environment while maintaining effectiveness on these pests.

When it comes to Ticks, the brown dog tick is the most common in Arizona. The Brown Dog Tick can complete the whole life cycle while living indoors and can quickly become a huge problem. Though it has not been found to carry or transmit any human diseases it still remains a problem that can be difficult to solve. This tick is commonly found in yards, kennels and in homes. The Brown Dog Tick is somewhat small, about 1/8 of an inch in size, and is reddish brown in color. It can swell up to a half inch in size when engorged after feeding.

Fleas are wingless blood-sucking pests that can be a serious problem for pets and cause a lot of anxiety for their owners. Most fleas are around 1/16th of an inch in size, although the Cat flea can be considerably larger. These fleas are brownish or black in color. They will feed on any warm blooded animal, including humans. Fleas can survive up to 18 months without a blood meal. Pets such as cats and dogs are usually responsible for the presence of fleas in a house. Flea treatments are typically coordinated with your pet’s appointment with the veterinarian to ensure both the house and the pet are being treated at the same time which significantly helps bring the overall treatment under control more quickly.