Located less than 25 miles from Tucson, Vail began as a water stop and siding on the Southern Pacific Railroad. An early rancher named Edward Vail gave the railroad a passage across his ranch and is believed to have inspired the community’s name, but the name could also honor Edward’s brother Walter, owner of the nearby Empire Ranch. Today, the area around Vail attracts numerous tourists. The Colossal Cave, an ancient cave containing approximately 3.5 miles of mapped passageways, is nearby, and the Empire Ranch is now part of the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area. Although much has changed since the Vail brothers established their ranches in the late 1800s, homes, and businesses in the area must still contend with a variety of destructive, annoying or potentially dangerous pests.

Residential Pest Control

Although many insects have important ecological roles that can be beneficial, when they invade a home, they need to be evicted. Cockroaches, mice, and rats can spread diseases and damage your home’s structural components or furnishings. Black widow and brown recluse spiders, as well as scorpions, can administer painful bites that are potentially dangerous to many humans. Bed bugs can make some people anxious about falling asleep and deliver bites that are itchy and annoying. Ants, centipedes, mosquitoes and other pests can diminish your enjoyment of both your internal and external spaces. Effective elimination of these pests typically requires professional assistance to eradicate them and prevent their return.

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners face some challenges that are usually not encountered by homeowners. Pests in your business can impact your livelihood if customers or guests discover them. Restaurants, motels, apartment buildings and retail shops are just some of the businesses that can lose customers due to pests. Health care facilities, schools, and nursing homes could face serious repercussions if they are found to be harboring potentially dangerous pests. However, because each business is unique, it is important to employ a system of integrated pest management that combines an understanding of pest behavior and biology with chemical and non-chemical treatments. Commercial clients in Vail often face the same pests as residential customers. Cockroaches, ants, mice, rats, spiders, beetles, scorpions, bed bugs and flies are just some of the pests that can invade commercial properties.

Termite Control

The area around Vail is prime real estate for subterranean termites that can attack both residential and commercial properties. Although these termites live in the ground, they are constantly foraging for the wood products that provide them with food. It is estimated that termites cause over $3 billion in damages annually in the United States alone. Sadly, most of these repair costs could have been eliminated with early detection and effective methods of control. Treatment methods for commercial and residential buildings are similar, but commercial structures often require special skills for effective treatment. For example, a commercial structure may be substantially larger than a home, infested areas may be far less accessible or the client may have a small window of opportunity to have the treatment completed. Regardless of whether you own a business or a home, you will need professional assistance to eliminate termites and stop the damage that they are causing.

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