Let the expertly trained weed control technicians at Bill’s Home Service keep your yard or landscaped area free from weeds with our Annual Weed Control program. Our program is designed to eliminate existing weeds, prevent new weeds from growing, and ensure that your yard remains weed-free throughout the year.

Pre-Emergent Applications are performed to prevent weed seeds buried in the soil from germinating (growing into a weed). This treatment does not eliminate existing weeds, but decreases the likelihood of new weeds developing. It is performed as a broadcast, liquid application to provide full coverage throughout the desired area. Pre-emergent applications have very little to no odor and are safe for existing plants.

Post-Emergent Applications are liquid spot treatments to eliminate existing weeds or any weeds that did not fully succumb to a pre-emergent application. Results are typically seen within just 5-10 days of the application.

We offer flexible weed control plans to fit your budget and your yard’s weed control needs. Request a FREE quote for your weed control needs today!