Your business is your life and your livelihood. You can’t afford to have pests disrupt your business costing you customers and tarnishing your reputation.

Commercial pest control can present some unique challenges that aren’t typically found in a residential setting requiring a specialized treatment plan developed specifically for your business. It’s important to use an experienced company that’s been in business more than 50 years to fully understand your unique needs and provide effective treatments without disrupting your business operations.

As with all of our pest control services, we believe in using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for our commercial pest control services. IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies heavily on inspections of the facility and implementing both chemical and non-chemical treatments based on the findings and our comprehensive understanding of pest biology and habits.

To ensure effective control of your facilities throughout the year, our highly trained and fully certified technician will:

  1. Complete a thorough inspection of your business and surrounding property to determine the level and primary areas of pest activity.
  2. Discuss their findings with you and establish a unique service plan to make sure your service fits your business’ specific needs, including the use of non-chemical solutions whenever possible.
  3. Always be the same technician to perform your service, so they are aware of your needs and service requirements.
  4. Guarantee the service! Our job is to control your pests; we’re not happy until you’re happy.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services specialize in:

  • Health Care Facilities
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Churches
  • Retirement/Assisted Living Communities
  • And more!

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Rodents in or around your home can not only cause physical damage to structures, but they can also spread disease. If you’re worried that you may have a mouse or rat infestation in or around your residential structure, there are rodent control measures that we can help with to eliminate the problem and keep rodents away for good.

Bill’s Home Service Company has been locally owned and operated since 1964 and is one of the largest local providers of rodent control services in Southern Arizona. Learn more about how Bill’s Home Service can help if your home has a rodent infestation.

How to Spot a Rat Infestation

Pack rats, field mice, and house mice usually congregate where there are food and water sources. If the food and water sources are located in shelter from harsh weather conditions, that’s even better. However, you may never see them because they’re nocturnal, hate bright lights, and are usually active from dusk to dawn. Seeing one of these rodents during the day can indicate a large infestation in your home.

You may not be able to see the rodents themselves, but they do present themselves in other ways. Signs that there may be a rodent problem can include:

  • Rodent droppings around food packages that are located in drawers, cupboards, or under a sink
  • Gnawed holes in food packaging, stored food, piled papers, or insulation
  • Piles of shredded paper, insulation, fabric, or other soft materials could indicate a nest
  • Chewed holes in walls and floors that the rodents use as entry points
  • Scratching sounds coming from within the walls, ceiling, or floor

When you see any of these signs, contacting a mouse and rat exterminator is important to start immediate rodent control to prevent the spread of disease and avoid further damage to structures.

Dangers of a Rodent & Rat Infestation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn that not only can diseases be spread through rodent bite wounds, but diseases can also be spread by touching areas or eating food contaminated with rodent feces, urine, or saliva. In addition, even breathing air contaminated with rodent waste can cause illness and disease. 

The most common diseases that are spread by rodents are Hantavirus, an infectious respiratory disease, and Salmonella, a bacterial infection that infects the urine, blood, bones, joints, and nervous system. In addition, the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) says that researchers have conducted studies on the link between exposure to rodents and increased asthma symptoms. Studies and research have found that exposure to rodents can trigger asthma attacks. In addition, pack rat nests are ideal breeding grounds for kissing bugs which are known carriers of the parasite that causes Chagas disease. Some people also can have severe allergic reactions to kissing bug bites.

Bill’s does not provide medical information or medical advice. Please see your medical provider for any questions about rodent-related illnesses.

Pack Rats

Pack rats, also known as wood rats, are one of the biggest rodent concerns in Southern Arizona. Pack rats are about 6 – 8 inches long and are typically gray to grayish-brown with lighter-colored feet and undersides. Their ears are large and hairy, as are their tails which are about the same length as their head and body.

Pack Rats get their name from their tendency to collect small objects, especially shiny ones, to bring back to their nests. The nests are built of cacti and sticks and are usually located in sheltered areas such as rock clusters, the base of trees and shrubs, and around the root systems of cacti. They also build their nests in suitable areas that we provide for them, such as cars, BBQ grills, sheds, and even in attics and wall voids; anything providing shelter that is left undisturbed for a long period of time.

Bill’s can create a specific rodent control plan based on your needs to eliminate rodent problems, including trapping, ongoing baiting service, and exclusion services.

House Mice

House mice are one of the most common commensal rodents in the U.S. They are smaller than pack rats measuring about 2.5 to 3.75 inches long. They are dusty gray with cream colored bellies, pointed noses, and large ears.

House mice prefer to nest in dark, secluded places and often use paper products, cotton and fabrics, and even wall insulation as nesting material. They normally try to build their nests close to food and water sources like kitchens and pantries.

Our Rodent Removal Process

Professional control for rodent infestations should be sought as soon as an infestation is discovered. Two pack rats can become as many as 72 rats in less than a month based on their reproductive cycle. Mice can reproduce even faster. The licensed technicians at Bill’s have the training and tools to immediately develop a treatment plan based on the type and size of an infestation to effectively gain control of the infestation. As with any treatment we perform, our rodent services are developed with the safety of people and other animals in mind. We only use traps and bait stations that can be securely anchored in the treatment area and cannot be accessed by people, pets, or other animals. We also look for possible entry points and will provide information on ways to make your home or business less appealing to rodents in the future.

Bill’s Home Service: Your Solution for a Rodent-Free Home

Rodent or rat infestations in homes in Tucson and surrounding areas are not unusual. If you discover a rodent infestation, you must start rodent control immediately to keep the people around you safe from disease. Bill’s Home Service Company can help, so schedule a pest evaluation with us today!

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

We are proud to say that we practice integrated pest management (IPM) here at Bill’s Home Service. We conduct pest management with a knowledge-based, environmentally friendly, and common sense, approach to minimize risk and damage to people, property, and the environment.

We Spray Only Where and When We Have To

Our certified technicians inspect your commercial building and the surrounding property to determine where the pest activity occurs and how severe it is. We then incorporate our information about pest biology and habits and decide on the best course of action.

We Perform Both Chemical and Non-chemical Treatments

Depending on what we find, we can facilitate efficient pest control by chemical treatments, non-chemical treatments, or a balance of both without disrupting your business operations.

Types of Pests

Pests can be annoying, but are you aware of the damage they can do to your business or the risk they pose to your customers, employees, students, patients, or parishioners?


Infants, children, highly allergic individuals, and the elderly are the most vulnerable to scorpion stings resulting in a severe reaction. School administrators, daycare center owners or operators, apartment landlords, and retirement or assisted living community managers should be on the lookout for these.

Pack Rats or Rodents

Rodents can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your business, not to mention that they carry diseases and parasites and attract other pests. Any business, restaurant owner, operator, and healthcare facility administrator would be glad to get rid of these nuisances.


Pests like centipedes can bite humans and pose a risk to people that frequent your business. In addition, if you see a centipede infestation in your business, you may have another pest infestation. Centipedes usually come into a building looking for food, such as, spiders, scorpions, or crickets.

Black Widows & Arizona Brown Spiders

These spiders don’t usually attack and bite except when provoked. Still, their venom can cause serious symptoms when they do. They build their nests in and around artificial structures and debris piles. Warehouse managers should be on the lookout for these arachnids.

Bed Bugs

Annoying pests, such as bed bugs, are attracted to places where people sleep, like apartment buildings, hotels and motels, and college dorm rooms. However, it is not a sign of uncleanliness when encountering a bed bug infestation. They merely travel from one place to the next by settling into folded clothing, luggage, overnight bags, and furniture.


These pests are capable of causing thousands of dollars of structural damage to your business by eating any wood structures or cellulose material your commercial building contains. An inspection by a licensed professional should be performed at least once a year to ensure your building isn’t invaded by termites.

Inspection and Service Plan

Here at Bill’s Home Service, we know your business may have specific needs, and typical pest control techniques may only work for some. So we will thoroughly inspect your commercial building and property for any pest activity, and if there is any, determine the severity of it. Then, we will share those findings with you and develop a unique service plan based on your specific business needs.

Specialized Services for Specific Industries

We provide expert insect and pest control services tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries, ensuring safe and effective solutions for clients. Our specialized services are ideal for various commercial industries, including:

  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Retirement/assisted living communities
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hotels/motels
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Churches
  • And more!

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You can keep your business premises safe and hygienic with Bill’s Home Service’s expert pest control services. Say goodbye to pest problems once and for all, and trust the professionals at Bill’s Home Service Company to safeguard your business. Don’t hesitate. Call now and give your business the protection it deserves.